Economic Congress of Central and Eastern Europe on 6th June 2018

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Economic Congress of Central and Eastern Europe

The 2nd Economic Congress of Central and Eastern Europe will be held on the first day of China Homelife Show and China Machinex on June 6 2018.

The Congress’ mission is to:

  • act for the benefit of territorial self-government and economic self-government,
  • lobby for the development of entrepreneurs’ economic exchange, along with all the facilitations related to export and import,
  • create a platform for a comprehensive cooperation between domestic and foreign business entities,
  • create a system of information and economic promotion in the country and abroad,
  • increase and deepen cooperation with territorial self-government and state administration,
  • represent business interests in all aspects related to their business activities,
  • promote and care for high standards of business activity, business ethics and dissemination of the principles of corporate social responsibility,
  • support the promotion of export of products, services and capital of entrepreneurs organized in the economic self-government, including through cooperation with bilateral and multilateral chambers, domestic and foreign,
  • establish and develop cooperation with foreign representatives of economic self-government.

A number of high-profile guests have been invited to the Congress: representatives of Polish Ministries of Investment and Development, Foreign Affairs, Agriculture and Rural Development, ministers of economy from Belarus, Czech Republic, Ukraine and Hungary, representatives of marshal offices, presidents of cities, mayors and voivoids of economic zones, ambassadors of Central and Eastern European countries as well as China. The organizers expect the participation of over 50 foreign and about 70 domestic Chambers of Commerce. Special guests will be traders from China interested in purchasing goods of domestic produce rang ing from food through equipment and machinery, cosmetics and more. Representatives of the American-Polish Chmabers of Commers have also announced their participation.

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