Practical information about the trade fair

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China Homelife Show 2018

China Homelife Show 2018 is a great opportunity for European companies interested in importing products from China and those which already have their Asian business partners. It is always worth checking out completely new possibilities. It will be the largest fair event in Central and Eastern Europe with the offer of the best Chinese producers. Approximately 1,700 exhibitors will come to Nadarzyn to present over 65,000 products.


Match-Making Zones

The organizers will prepare two match-making zones for exhibitors and visitors. These will be specially arranged places for direct conversations with trade partners from China accompanied by free interpreters from Chinese. Entrepreneurs can report their demands for specific products, and the zone staff will look up Chinese companies matching expectations and arrange the meeting where both sides will meet to discuss their interests further.

China Homelife Show - prelekcje i warsztaty


Lectures and workshops

On the first day of the fair there will be workshops and lectures led by expert practitioners boasting years of experience in trading with China.



If you are interested in participating in China Homelife Show Poland, please pre-register at:

We will send additional information to the e-mail address provided in the form.


FREE parking for trade fair visitors

If you want to come to the fair by car, you can use the free parking at the Ptak Warsaw Expo. The prerequisite is pre-registration and sending to the organizer the registration number of the vehicle to the address:


FREE city bus to the fair

Free transportation from the Warsaw Central Station by bus. The signposted stop will be located between the Central Railway Station and “Zlote Tarasy” shopping mall.

How to reach?

Al. Katowicka 62, Nadarzyn, Poland